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I worked with Jon over several months last summer, having been advised I had pre-cancerous cells showing up in my esophagus.  No way I was prepared to deal with cancer, it had to go.  My main goal was to stop that monster in its tracks.  Jon made a very simple and comprehensive plan for me; an easy alkaline eating plan supported by specific herbal support for digestive and lymphatic systems, adrenal, kidneys, thyroid, gall bladder and liver.  My results were wonderful.  The pre-cancer cells could not be found on my 6 month follow-up endoscopy, my cholesterol/lipid profile returned to normal range, about 20 pounds melted away and I enjoyed an unexpected surge in energy and mental clarity.  My doctor actually called me in for a consult after all the results were in – just to congratulate me and say what I was doing was working! 

Cindy Gobin,
Vancouver, B.C.


I called Jon from a hospital bed in Powell River incapacitated by stabbing pain and doctors wanted to remove my gallbladder (even though the scan they had done was inconclusive that I had stones). I had asked Jon if it was possible to save my gallbladder from being surgically removed and he had said that it shouldn’t be a problem after he got a better idea of where I was at. He had tried to coach me over the phone what I could do to recover, but I was too weak to do anything from having been on heavy doses of antibiotics and morphine for the pain and hardly had any water. Jon did the five hour drive up to Powell River from Vancouver with my boyfriend. I took a deep breath and signed myself out of the ICU and checked out the hospital much to my doctor’s surprise. Over the next few days at my boyfriend’s family home, Jon nursed me back to good health. I had totally lost bowel control in the hospital which came right back and when I had enough strength, and I did a flush for my liver gallbladder removing hundreds of stones from my liver in my stool including a solid stone 1 inch by a quarter inch and the blockage from my gallbladder was cleared with me having to have it surgically removed. The pain in my gallbladder went from an eight out of ten to a zero immediately and I regained all my strength over the next few weeks to a point where I was feeling better than I had in years. The pain and stones have not come back and I’m now aware of what I was eating that caused the problem in the first place and have the confidence that I can turn my diet around when I need to so I don’t have to worry about the condition recurring.

Kathleen Gilliam
New Westminster, B.C.


The first month in the program has gone by pretty slowly, which is awesome! 
I still have 3 days left to go in the month.

Just a quick update:
-my bowel movements are firming up
-my hot flashes have gone and BBT appears steady

I also made a list of positive results from changing my diet and using all the herbs you provided. 
-knee pain gone (arthritis)
-hip/bursitis pain gone
-left back pain gone from 2008 back injury
-neck pain/stiffness gone
-off all medication except 1/2 sleeping pill (was 2 pills)
-off all hormone medication
-baker cyst gone
-lost 16 pounds
-hot flashes gone
-nerve pain in left arm/shoulder significantly reduced
-tinnitus back to normal levels (not raging)
-hyperacousis gone (don’t need earplugs)
-face pain reduced 50-70% in intensity & frequency
-eliminated body odor and stopped using alum-free deoderant
-warts on feet disappearing
-sinuses cleared
-energy normal for the most part (still working on adrenals)

Julie Bishop
Chilliwalk, B.C.


I started working with Jon in January 2016 doing the whole raw food 4-6 week detox. At the start of the program I was having issues with my ears likely a result of a buildup of waxes and other congestions. It was starting to affect my hearing. As well I had a variety of skin rashes and issues some of which I had for over 30 years. As a result of the detox these 2 issues cleared up and have effectively disappeared. Eight months later I still have no issues.  Overall the program starting me on an exploration with respect to diet. The plant-based diet has transformed my relationship to food which previous to this program was something I felt quite knowledgeable about. I previously used numerous supplements which I felt was required to supplement my nutrition and health.  Since then I have almost completely eliminated using any supplements and saved myself a lot of money. The money saved alone has more than paid for Jon’s time and the tinctures used during the detox process.  I have removed most all stimulants such as coffee and other caffeinated products and have more energy now than I ever have. I whole heartedly believe this type of detox is vital for one’s health and will make a difference for anyone that has the courage to try it.

Dave Stephens
Vancouver, B.C.


Jon’s diet and herbal tinctures have helped me significantly reduce my back pain and increase my functioning after my car accident. Other benefits have included increased energy, better digestion, exercising better and weight loss.

Nick Uittenhout
New Westminster, B.C.