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Basal Temperature

How to take your Basal Temperature to test Thyroid Function
basal thermometerTake this temperature in your armpit for a period of four days. If the temperature is consistently low, this indicates a hypo- or under-functioning of the thyroid gland. The most important issues of hypothyroidism are metabolism and calcium utilization in the body.

Normal temperature reading is 97.8º – 98.2º Fahrenheit or 36.56º – 36.78º Celcius

When your basal temperature is below 97.8 it shows varying degrees of hypothyroidism. When it is above 98.2 this may indicate hyperthyroidism.

Most underactive thyroid conditions are congestive – coming from mucus, acids, etc that clog the tissues of the thyroid. Hyperthyroidism is also due to congestion. Detoxification is the key to eliminating these conditions and restoring proper functioning.


At night before going to sleep, shake down a thermometer and lay it beside your bed.

Next morning, as soon as you wake up, don’t get up or move around. Place the thermometer under your armpit pressing your arm against your bare body. Leave the thermometer there for 10 minutes by the clock and relax. If you have a digital thermometer, you can leave the thermometer there for 9 minutes before pressing the timer button to take the reading.

Make sure to take the reading under both armpits as there often can be a difference between the two.