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Detoxification and Combined Approaches

When faced with a health condition or disease, we have a variety of choices – we can treat, suppress or manage of symptoms with chemical or natural medicines, we can support the body’s ability to eliminate waste in a process called detoxification, or we can do a combination approach of both of these approaches.


The first choice is allopathic medicine being the most common medical approach. With this, there are three options: chemical medicines, radiation or surgery. All of these treatments usually have some degree of side effects. This is a valid approach but often does not address the deeper root cause(s) of the problem since it generally does not address the lifestyle and or dietary habits which led to the occurrence of inflammation in the body in the first place. With this approach, mostly what we’re doing is “suppressing” or “managing” the symptoms. There is certainly nothing wrong with this approach and completely valid.


Another choice is using natural (traditional) medicine to try to accomplish the same thing, by using products from natural sources or medicinal herbs or homeopathic medicines to treat, manage and/or suppress the symptoms. Much of naturopathic and homeopathic medicine these days has become a treatment based modality as well.

However, there is a branch of naturopathy which is detoxification – a less known approach that has more to do with supporting a process that is already taking place in the body.

Detoxification is one of the big keys to having long-lasting health and vitality. It is not a system of treatment or a way to suppress or manage symptoms. It is a health modality which supports what the body is already trying to do 24/7 by supporting good bowel movements, good kidney function and optimal thyroid function (the thyroid gland controls sweating). It goes on the premise that the body is the healer / self-healing and we are only facilitating or giving it the ability to heal itself and all we’re doing is putting it in the optimal state for it to do its job.

The third option is more of a combined or hybrid approach combining allopathic medicines and natural medicines (that are not contraindicated with pharmaceutical medications or treatments) which is a popular option with people with serious health conditions. Dietary changes and natural medicines are used to help mitigate the side effects of pharmaceutical treatments as well as support optimal elimination of acidic waste from the body to help maintain optimal health going forward.