Welcome to Pain Free Happy Life

Pain Free Happy Life was founded with a simple purpose: How to empower people with the awareness, education, tools, strategies and know-how to achieve long-term wellness, vitality and joy in all areas of life.

Our wellness programs incorporate a unique and powerful educational and experiential approach that draws from some of the most effective natural wellness and healing modalities around.

Whether you already have a simple or serious pre-existing health problem you would like to turn around, would just like to know how to optimize your overall health, energy, vitality and live with less health concerns, or would like to have more of your goals and dreams become a reality this lifetime, these programs will help you dramatically improve your quality of life.

Take a moment to check out our educational section and programs that were developed from years of life coaching and clinical healthcare practice that Jonathan has done with thousands of people all over North America.

Jonathan Ley is a pioneer and expert in the field of preventative health care. He is trained as a Chartered Herbalist, Certified Detoxification Specialist, and Life Coach and has consulted with some of the leading naturopathic doctors and performance coaches in North America. Read more