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While the body is incredibly complex, understanding the basics of how the body works doesn’t have to be.

Here is a simplified version of how the body works and one of the main ways how inflammation occurs in the body (as well as the symptoms that correspond with that inflammation).


Although the body is incredibly complex, there are two fundamental processes for living things to survive – we all need to eat and we all need to go to the bathroom.

Both are equally important but few stop to think what is the impact on the body if their ability to eliminate  was compromised  . . .yet this is something that happens in the case of things like constipation, poor kidney function and with a “hypo” or low functioning thyroid gland (which controls sweating) – all of which are very common occurrences.

An easy way to grasp this phenomena is to look at what happens when a parent forgets to change a baby’s diaper and the baby goes to the bathroom in the diaper. Where the faeces and/or urine comes in contact with the skin, a rash occurs. Another word we can use for rash is “inflammation”. 

Looking at this more closely, the waste that comes from our body in the faeces and urine contains things like lactic acid and urea (produced by each of the 60 – 100 trillion living cells in our body).  It also contains things like carbonic acid, uric acid (which are produced when we digest certain foods and need to be eliminated out of the body).

If someone is constipated, has poor kidney function or an under-active thyroid gland / hypothyroidism, then the body’s ability to eliminate these acidic waste byproducts through urination, defecation, and sweating is compromised which can result in the accumulation of these acidic waste by-products INSIDE the body.

Instead of the rash and inflammation on the skin (as we can see in the case of the baby), the inflammation now occurs INSIDE the body. Some of these acids (like uric and carbonic acid which are primarily produced in the digestion of starches and purines found in some proteins and vegetables) are fairly strong acids . . .the build up of these inside the body can gradually lead to chronic and degenerative inflammation and breakdown of the body’s tissues and, over time, the occurrence of symptoms and health conditions as a result. 

It turns out that certain dietary choices can lead to constipation (with certain foods and food combinations known to be constipating to the body), other dietary choices can lead to poor kidney function (i.e. as in the case of a diet very high in complex carbohydrates / complex sugars which can lead to chronic high blood sugar levels having a negative impact on kidney function for many people), and certain food choices can even affect thyroid function (i.e. dairy and gluten which have a “congestive” effect on the body which can impact thyroid gland function).

The good news is all of these things can be easily learned as well as what appropriate dietary changes can be made to reduce and avoid the occurrence of the above mentioned problems to help optimize health going forward with the elimination systems of the body working more optimally and not being impeded.

eating healthy food

Current scientific literature suggests that nearly 80% of all chronic illness can be avoided by adjusting lifestyle.

These are all things that Jonathan goes over in his programs in much greater detail and customizes his programs to the specific needs of each person.