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Medicinal Herbs and Supplements

Medicinal herbs and Supplements

Jonathan frequently recommends non-toxic medicinal herbs and supplements in his practice as he finds that medicinal herbs and certain supplements can greatly accelerate the healing and restoration process and help people achieve optimal performance. He only recommends the highest quality wildcrafted or organic herbal ingredients in formulas with clients.

Years ago, he noticed that people tend to get much better results and are much more apt to follow and stick with a health program when they felt “included” in the process of creating their program versus being “told what to do” and “what to take” without much explanation as to why or for how long they would be needing to do something. He also noticed that when people had a better understanding of why medicinal herbs are being recommended and what to look for that would indicate that the formulas were working, he found that people stuck with programs much more closely and achieved better results.

For this reason, he takes a lot of time reviewing client goals, going over with them where they have weaknesses and issues in the body, explaining what each medicinal herbal formula is for and why he is recommending it, going over any precautions, and then includes clients in the decision process of the protocol.

Ultimately his intention is to help someone get their body back a the point where they can maintain an optimal level of health just with diet, regular exercise and good sleep patterns without necessarily having to take a lot of supplements and medicinal herbal formulas.

Safety and Medicinal Herbs

There is much confusion around the safety and efficacy of medicinal herbs even though they have been around for thousands of years by every culture on the planet. Generally medicinal herbs are safe and effective with relatively few contraindications with pharmaceutical medications but, as with everything, it is appropriate to exercise caution with certain health conditions and with some of the stronger medicinal herbs. It is always best to work with a qualified healthcare practitioner when working with medicinal herbs and health supplements.