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Jon Ley

From a very young age, one of the things that was always of interest to me was how one attains and maintains great health. Most people relate to good health as a state of being free from pain. I like to expand this definition of health as I have now come to see and experience levels of health and vitality that go far beyond just living a life free from pain which include:

  • having an over-abundance of energy and endurance
  • having high mental clarity
  • having a very positive outlook on life
  • the ability to heal from injuries or illnesses very quickly
  • having a life virtually free from any sort of illness or symptoms
  • the ability to reverse and turn around old genetically passed down weaknesses in the body
  • higher sex drive
  • having a more youthful appearance no matter at what age

Wherever you happen to be on the overall spectrum of health, following the program outlined in this website will have a significant impact on the quality of life you will able to experience.

In my personal health journey, I’ve had to deal with many health conditions from chronic fatigue, being overweight, severe cystic acne all over my body, a weak liver, a benign tumour, depression, kidney stones and several others conditions. After many years going from specialist to specialist in the allopathic / Western and alternative medicine fields, and experimenting with countless different types of dieting, fasting and physical, emotional and spiritual healing modalities, I still wasn’t really much closer to finding a resolution to the health concerns I faced and was perhaps even more confused and in the dark about what true physical health is and how one gets there.

It was finally when I came across the simple approach that I have shared here that everything became much more clear and started to change dramatically. What really amazed me was how some “blindspots” so simple and obvious that could have such a profound impact on a person’s well-being and vitality weren’t more widely known.

Having trained with some of the top experts in the field of alternative medicine in North America, I incorporate their unique approach and blend it with my experience as a Chartered Herbalist, Life Coach and teacher when working with someone on their personal health journey from being sick to a life of good health and vitality.

One of the key things I learned early on was – keep it simple! Maintaining great health should never be something so complicated that the average person cannot understand. When working with clients, my overall commitment is that they come away empowered with a clear understanding of what is going on in their own body, knowing what causative factors got them to the place they are at with their health, and what there is to do to turn around the condition. In this way, they can learn to become the master of their own health.

Perhaps the biggest thing I have learned is to keep an open mind, be gentle on oneself, and be patient. Achieving great health is an extraordinary life-long journey and sometimes can be very challenging at different points on the path. At the end of the day, I can promise you that the rewards and benefits are well worth any effort you put in.