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Quality of Life vs Quantity of Life

Quality of Life vs Quantity of Life

While anyone would agree that “quality of life” is important, all too often, it seems like “length of life” or “quantity of life” is considered the primary measure for success and quality of life is secondary to that. Our current allopathic and much of our alternative medical systems seem to support this belief with the main measure of success for a treatment most often being how much longer a person lives or how much “relief” someone gets from the symptoms regardless of what side effects they may incur from the treatment options and or how their quality of life is affected. 

While Jonathan’s programs do help people get some relief from their immediate symptoms (and this is certainly important), his programs are also oriented around people having a much better quality of life beyond the initial relief and learning how to develop and maintain the habits that give them much more energy, vitality, and joy well into the future.